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1251 Very unclear who this is, or even if male or female. Listed after other children in probate distribution, but not in list of heirs. Received one full share so presumably a child, not grandchild, unless she is sole survivor of a known child. This is not Susan Chestnut Tunnell, who appears separately splitting a share with her sister. Milton is youngest child in 1860 & 1870 census. CHESTNUT, S. B. (I2211)
1252 Vol 21, p 504 Preston Marfh 1851 Source (S436)
1253 W. Clyde Tunnell married Mary Vaughan, daughter of Emma Chestnut Vaughan. But Clyde and his brother Lynn were not sons of Wiand, but perhaps nephews. (Based on mix of records and 1960s correspondence with Lynn Tunnell.) TUNNELL, Wiand (I2208)
1254 Ward Source (S142)
1255 Ward (p. 381) says his second wife was "Letty J." Duckett; marriage record shows "Jane Dunn", obvious she is Letty Jane Dunn, daughter of James Dunn Not 100% certain he is brother of James Duckett, but James had a brother John (Pickens Co Heritage book, p 194), & named a son John W, and James' brother John was also born about 1840/41 (9 in 1850 census). But John W was devout Methodist, James Baptist Photo appears in Ward, Annals of North Georgia, at p. 225 DUCKETT, John W. (I5542)
1256 Ward says he settled in Tickanetley in 1835. NEWBERRY, Willilam O. (I2639)
1257 Ward, Annals of North Georgia, p. 381 Source (S110)
1258 Was a druggist in Jasper, GA (Ward, Annals, p. 226); still living 1992 Pickens County History p 47 says he retired in 1996 DUNN, Lee J. (I4305)
1259 Was Goodyear Manager in Mexico City Known as "Pete" DUNN, Martin Gatewood (I2385)
1260 Was librarian at Southwest Missouri State University in Springifield, MO, died "of lung cancer 13 or 14 years ago" (2002) MALTBY, Robert (I6285)
1261 Was living in Jacksonville, FL in 1967. Had a dr. in college,son in HS & year old daughter at that time. DUNN, Vera (I2375)
1262 Was salesman for Tro-Fe Grocery in Gadsden; lived on RFD 2, Attalla AL HAYES, Harold (I2370)
1263 Wayne Glenn's article on the Glenn family has 1829 My date probably taken from Marshall Co. Cemetery record Source (S76)
1264 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2237
1265 Went to hunt Gold about 1850 (in CA? or GA?) and not heard from again BYNUM, Luke (I2731)
1266 Were in Obion Co., TN in 1889 Children based on pension records COLLINS, Temperance (I2062)
1267 Were still in Marshall County, TN as late as the 1870 census, later moved to Springfield and then they or children to Ozark area. Mona Maybee has him in 1889 Springfield city directory WADDLE, Frank M. (I1389)
1268 Widow and son in or near Orlando, FL in 1967 DUNN, Elmo (I2358)
1269 Widow with one child when she married Crate Carpenter. Betty K. (I4428)
1270 Wife and children from 1850 census Uncertain he is the James Collins & she the Rebecca Carr who married in Greene Co., GA, but seems likely ?, Rebecca CAR (I2092)
1271 Wife is widow in 1850 census Source (S132)
1272 Wikle Bible records: tombstone says 1828 Source (S4)
1273 Will is dated October 19, 1754; probated January 24, 1755, so death occurred between these two dates. CHESNUT, William (I7027)
1274 Will probated 5 February 1806 (written 10 September 1801). WITTMEIER, Simon (I6872)
1275 Will was dated Feb 25 1730/1 FOSTER, Thomas (I1129)
1276 Will written 13 May 1824 and probated Sept court 1824 Franklin County Will Book H 40(29) Source (S25)
1277 William B. Wykle calls him John W. Wikle. I have no other source for the middle initial. Most of the information about John's descendants is from William B. Wykle. John moved around a number of times, living for some time around Knoxville, but later moved back to SWNC living between Franklin, NC and the Georgia line at the place then known as Wykle's (or Wikle's) Store, but now known as Otto. WIKLE, John (I2630)
1278 William Parkinson ane Jane Parkinson were witnesses Family F410
1279 Willmetta from 1910 Calhoun Co., AL census Always "Metta" or "Mettie" in pension files, family tradition DODD, Willmetta (Metta, Mettie) (I932)
1280 With Fanny Waddle Affleck in 1900 Greene Co MO census; salesman WADDLE, James W. (I4759)
1281 Witness to death on Father's death certificate. EATOUGH, Richard (I1219)
1282 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I122)
1283 www.accessatlanta.com/community/genealogy/kenthomas_0110.html Source (S192)
1284 Year Richard Page's property sold for division among heirs Source (S106)
1285 [daymongili.FTW]


1870 Van Zandt County, Texas Census Canton P.O. Line 35 530/593 page 193
(Ancestry 74 of 166) M593-Roll 1607

Gilliland, Charity 39 NC
John 9 TX
Samuel 7 TX

Wikle, Susan 37 NC (Occupation weaver) 
WIKLE, Charity (I6507)
1286 [jethompson63.ged]

George and Georgia had 3 children. 
Family F2321

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