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151 61 in 1850, 83 in 1870 Source (S125)
152 65 in 1860 but 79 in 1870! Earlier census doesn't clarify (30-40 in 1830 & 40- 50 in 1840) Source (S146)
153 7 in 1850 census: not in 1860 family, perhaps married by then. Source (S163)
154 7 in 1860 census Source (S167)
155 7 in 1860, 18 in 1870 Source (S104)
156 8 in 1860 census; 18 in 1870. Some readings of 1880 show 20, but may be 28. CHESTNUT, David Milton (I1302)
157 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7334)
158 8/12 in census dated Aug. 21, 1850
10 in 1860 census 
BOYLSTON, Alice (I7149)
159 9/12 months old in 1870 census: taken 8 July 1870 Source (S91)
160 ? place of death - in Maury Co. in 1900 Census CREWS, Judith Ann Frances (I2111)
161 A 53 year old Thomas Eatough died in Preston in first quarter of 1894 according to index to vital records. Closeness in age to the 1839 birth implied by the census makes it likely it is the same man. EATOUGH, Thomas (I1291)
162 A cross by his name indicated that he had died. There was a death entry for Andreas in the Lutheran Church Record saying he died 20 Jun 1706 at 9 months old. Friedlin, Andreas (I6668)
163 A James Collins married Mary NEWBY in Franklin Co. on 5 Feb 1825. If this is she, then she is obviously not the mother of all the children named in the 1827 will. Mary (I3210)
164 A John KELL in Pendleton Co. SC MAY be a brother of James KELL. He is older than the John Kell, born about 1787, who was James' son. This man born after 1755 and before 1774, based on census. But he may also be John, brother of Robert, not otherwise identified in this period. (He is not John Kell of Surry who died 1800, since John brother of Robert is mentioned in Thomas Kell's 1816 will.) ?, Joh KELL (I2469)
165 A number of Turners in Cochran cemetery are of an age to be children of William and Temperance, though relationship not established: George W. Turner 1851-1939, M.J. Turner 1855-1900; John Franklin Turner, Nov. 1 1853-May 2, 1878; L.D. "Bud" Turner 1856-1936. In Marsh Davis Cemetery is Jerome P. Turner, March 3, 1849-June 1, 1930; in MacAteer Cemetery William S. Turner, June 12,1847-December 8, 1909. COLLINS, Temperance (I1377)
166 A photo of John Fitzpatrick looks very much like Sarah and was passed down in the family. "Kate Fitzpatrick", possibly his wife Catherine, was witness to wedding of Charles Edward Jones and Mary Ellen Cleary in 1880s. Data on family from Clay County TWP census, Shelby County, MO, 1880. Clay County is township where Clarence is located. FITZPATRICK, John (I7110)
167 A sister of William Minter MATHIS (or Matthews?) an early settler of Gilmer Co. See Gilmer Heritage 286, and Ward under Newberry MATHIS, Elizabeth J. (I2640)
168 A Thomas Eatough of the right age (42) appears in the 1881 census of Preston in a place called Charnock Fold. He is listed, however, as being born in London. Listed as a "Weavers Overlooker" he is shown as married but no family appears to be listed in the online version consulted. (LDS) EATOUGH, Thomas (I1291)
169 According to family bible. Obits say 12 May 1910 Source (S182)
170 According to obit Chester Herald 4/30/1886: after 13 mos in US Navy, moved to Neb. in 1867 homesteading on Elk Creek in Johnson Co. After 2 1/2 years went to Massachusetts, married, returned to NE til 1877, sold out & moved to Richardson Co. Eight years later moved to Chester, died 7:45 am Monday April 26 1886.

Family tradition says he died after being run down by a horse, after going to the train station in Chester. This is not mentioned in the obit found so far. 
EATOUGH, James S. (I485)
171 According to press reports in the files, a memorial was placed in the Confederate portion of the Vaiden Cemetery for the Confederate soldiers known to have died at the Vaiden hospital; George W. Alexander's name appeared on the list. It is not apparent that the specific grave is known, but a monument now exists. A photo is in the files. ALEXANDER, George W. (I64)
172 According to William Wykle, Susannah Wikle never married but had one son whose father was a Bryson. Wykle believes that was Bill Bryson (1774-2 Feb 1837), though he concedes it could have also been his brother Sam Bryson. BRYSON, ? (I7115)
173 Actual monument not shown. Date of birth confirmed elsewhere (Father's pension); date of death seems accurate Source (S489)
174 Adopted at the age of five by unknown Weaver Weaver, John (I6540)
175 age 1 in 1870 and 11 in 1880 census records Source (S178)
176 age 2 in 1860 census Source (S118)
177 Age 22 at death CADWELL, George R. (I7172)
178 age 67 at death Source (S134)
179 Age is from Rabun County history, probably from later censuses. 1850 census shows Ary as age five, Manda as 3. KELL, Ary (I2727)
180 Age listed as 20 in 1841 census, but other ages in area seem rounded off. Early 1851 death lists age as 33. LIVESEY, Ann (I1242)
181 Age makes it unlikely she is Rebecca's daughter (Rebecca was 12 when she was born), uncertain she is James' who was 17. Could this be Matilda, daughter of David Collins? He had a Matilda in the estate settlement, not shown with him in the 1850 census however. COLLINS, Matilda (?) (I2093)
182 Albertina Luebbe lists him. ISAACSON, Raymond (I7281)
183 Alice Kell was an Old Settler KELL, Helen Alice (I2501)
184 All ancestral data on Sophia Miller is based on an online gedcom, MILLER, Sophia (I6929)
185 All Information on Simon Dunn's line taken from Dunn-L postings by Kelly Dunn jkdunn@gte.net DUNN, Simon (I5668)
186 All material on descent from William Deal and Rhoda Kell, and data on those families, comes from Margaret Deal, 3450 Hoover St. Redwood City CA 94063, wife of Coy Deal, a descendant. William and Rhoda are said to have had 17 children. Only 12 listed here. DEAL, William (I4132)
187 All of his descendant information based on Ancestral File database. There is one additional child in that database, name not given as still living. KELL, Andrew Jackson (I2885)
188 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6374)
189 Alma Lohmeyer Funeral Home Records, Springfield, MO, Vol. II, p. 21 Source (S255)
190 Also known as Valentin or Valentine.

Marriage and christening records of Veltin and his two wives arfe found in Protestant Parish Registger of Weisenbach,Wurttemberg, German Film 1528624 it. 2-3 at the Family History Center of the LDS church. His marriage record in 1673 says he is of Oberstteten, a farmer. 
Weigel, Veltin (I6640)
191 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3984)
192 Also seen as EUSTUS EUSTICE, William R. (I5723)
193 Alternative Death date: 10 Nov 1843 JONES, Elizabeth (I192)
194 Always Patsey in census etc., but Martha in legal docs. Probably nickname Possible this is the David Collins md. Patsy LYONS 3 Oct 1810 in Richmond Co., GA, Age could match nicely and Littleton Collins was in Richmond Co. in 1815 (apparently Littleton the first cousin of this man) LYONS?, Martha "Patsey" (I1327)
195 An 1834 or 1835 date of birth fits both the 1881 British census age 46) and the 1912 funeral card which gives her age at death as 78 years. 1901 British census gives age 65 at last birthday, which would suggest 1836. 1881 nd 1901 gives birthplace as Preston. 1891 has Kirkham. HULL, Helen (I1221)
196 An early note taken in the 1960s suggested that Charles E. Jones Jr. also had a son Charles, but Charles E. Jr. is buried with his parents and there is no record in the Bible of his having married. However, his obituary appears to support that he was married and had a child. Death certificate says he was divorced; gives different birth year.


Galena Weekly Republican, Galena, Kansas, February 11, 1921:


Charles E. Jones, Jr., son of Charles E. Jones of No. 710 Galena
avenue, died suddenly of heart disease at 2 o'closk Saturday afternoon
in the lobby of the Raspach Hotel in Kansas City.

He had been in Denver, Colo., visiting his brother, H.J. Jones and
was enroute to Galena at the time of his death.

Mr. Jones was a member of the Rainbow Division No. 637 Aero squad
having been with the A.E.F. in France during the World War. He was
reared and educated in Galena where he has a large circle of friends.

Surviving are his wife, and baby, his father, Charles E. Jones of
Galena, five brothers, H. John Jones, of Denver Colorado; William V.
Jones of Pine Bluff, Arkansas; Richard V. Jones [initial as printed] of
Douglass, [so spelled] Arizona; Herbert Jones of Dallas, Texas and
Frances [so spelled] who resides with his father in Galena; and four
sisters, Miss Margaret, Miss Edith, Kathleen and Agnes all of whom
reside in Galena.

The body arrived in Galena Sunday night from Kansas City.

Funeral services were held at 10:30 o'clock Tuesday morning at the
Catholic church. Father Gorman officiated.

The active pallbearers were: Jack Tillman; Gerald Allen, Will
Moeller, Jack Murdock, William Vaughn and Walter Murdock.

JONES, Charles Edward (I4521)
197 Ancestor of Vicki L. Jacobson Wooley, Norcross, GA, who submitted Smith info to Gilmer County Heritage Book, pp. 363-364. SMITH, Lula Ann (I5605)
198 Ancestral File Source (S154)
199 Ancestral File database lists daughters as "Emma" and "Elizabeth" but doesn't have exact dates so order is not certain. Census shows both daughters with E as middle initial. Emma married Charles Key and Elizabeth md. Paschall Key. KELL, Amy E. (I2884)
200 Ancestral File has daughters as "Emma" and "Elizabeth" but not certain of order. Census shows both with E as middle initial. Emma married Charles Key and Elizabeth md. Paschall Key. KELL, Margaret E. (I2883)

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