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201 Ancestral File says 1902-1904 Source (S157)
202 Ancestral File submission estimate Source (S130)
203 and before 1774 Source (S129)
204 and before 1794 Source (S147)
205 and before 1850 Source (S168)
206 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6367)
207 Anna Mary Lukens was married in the New St. Patrick's Church in Clarence,Missouri (it was built in 1884) and hers was the first marriage in thatchurch. LUKENS, Anna Mary (I6125)
208 Annetie may be a variant: said to have been Christened 24 April same year DE GROOT, Jannetje (I635)
209 Apparently born 4th quarter 1871. PARKINSON, Ernest (I6450)
210 Apparently born in St. Louis. Raised by mother and second husband, Franz "Frank" Kentling HEIDIE, Anna W. (I1596)
211 Apparently lived to adulthood; appears in a deed in NC with his father. But not in Maria Magdalena's will. Family tradition that one or two sons died with Peter (killed by Indians) may include Jacob. WIKLE, Jacob (I6880)
212 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3309)
213 Apparently same as apparent "Josiah", age 4, in 1850 census Taylor has Joseph however, and his mother was a daughter of this man. COLLINS, Joseph (I2158)
214 Apparently served in same unit of Ga forces as brother Willis q.v. Do not confuse him with the Wilson Collins of Nash Co. NC who is 10 years older in 1860 census, probably a cousin. This Wilson lived in Putnam and/or Baldwin Cos., GA, Barbour Co., AL and Choctaw Co., AL after leaving NC; may have been in TN briefly. Descent partly from records, partly from descendant info and incomplete COLLINS, Wilson (I204)
215 Apparently went by "Jackson" KELL, Andrew Jackson (I2726)
216 Appear linked to Schlifes who were living in Lorain County, OH. SCHLIFE, Nicholis (I6399)
217 Appears as "Ananda" in 1860 census, "Lamanda" from Rabun Co. History. KELL, Lamanda (I2728)
218 appears in 1870 census as 16, where John appears as 15. Male, name could be Isian, Lucian, Isaiah or some such. VERY Faint census copy and hard to read. KELL, Isaiah? (I2893)
219 Appears in father's estate settlement 1879; in 1880 census living with John A. Williams and his mother Rebecca Chestnut Williams; apparently owned land in Christian County in early 1880s, but disappears from sight thereafter. No marriage record located. CHESTNUT, David Milton (I1302)
220 Appears with his father in at least one NC deed. May be one of the sons who died with his father according to family tradition. WIKLE, Jacob (I6880)
221 Assumed she is a daughter though could be a granddaughter. PAGE, Nancy Ann (I2283)
222 Assumed: Martha and daughters are with David Keener in 1870 census Source (S127)
223 Assuming Martha Caroline was the Caroline Page who married C.M. Coffey in 1870, Dunn must have died in the 1860s. Possibly he is father of John W. Dunn, though the latter appears in Phinehas Dunn's household in 1880 census. Possible that William F. died in the Civil War. Argument that he is a son of John Dunn based on 1) his appearing with family in census and 2) statement that "two of grandfather's brothers married grandmother's sisters", statement by Guy McKinney. This wold mean three Dunns married three Pages. In fact John R. Dunn was uncle of J.H. Dunn but these two plus William F. married Page sisters. DUNN, William F. (I2334)
224 assuming she is "Nancy Collins", 50-60, in right place (next to Holland Murphy i.e. Murphrey in 1830 census of Franklin Co.); Children also seem to fit. Source (S24)
225 Assumption that Jesse who died 1824 is son of William is based on fact that children do not match the Jesse, son of James I, named in James I's will. Other Jesses do not fit time frame. But no absolute documentary proof that Jesse who died 1824 is same as son of William. (Jesse, son of James I, also presumably predeceased James I. No indicatin Jesse brother of James I was ever in North Carolina.) COLLINS, Jesse (I236)
226 Back computation: "died Aged 52 years 10 mos. 25 days" Source (S124)
227 Ball Ground cemetery Source (S58)
228 Balthazar's birth record says that Nicolaus (his father) was of Itlingen. Found on p. 133 film 1189198. Another Balthazar was born in 1703 indicating that this one died before that time. Friedlin, Balthazar (I6669)
229 Based on 1850 census Source (S55)
230 Based on 1850 census. Stallings genealogy estimates ca. 1804, but then has a daughter born in 1817! Source (S30)
231 Based on 1860 census. 1850 would suggest 1836 Source (S96)
232 Based on 1860 census; 1870 would suggest 1856. Source (S103)
233 Based on 1870, when she is 7: 1880 shows as 14, which would suggest 1866 Source (S112)
234 Based on census; died at 29 in Sept. 1879. Source (S101)
235 Based on date of first marriage Weigel, Veltin (I6640)
236 Based on IGI & Marshall Co. Records. Jeter does not identify this marriage, but if he is correct on the other Temperance's marriages in TN, then this is the only remaining one, and fits. Source (S271)
237 Based on Rosters of Conf. Soldiers. Census would imply ca. 1839 Source (S120)
238 Believed to be one of several children; Alexander later lived with Uriah Dunn. DUNN, Uriah (I5673)
239 Benjamin COPLAN and Nancy CARROLL signed affidavit in 1842 after death of William Martin; identifies Jane Copeland as daughter of Benjamin COPLIN COPELAND, Benjamin (I6052)
240 between May 29 (will) and August 1 (probate) Estate settled later in PA Source (S9)
241 Birth and marriage dates seem incompatible even with Indian connection. KELL, Elizabeth (I2412)
242 Birth before 1800 assumed from 1815 marriage date. May have been named Mary (nickname Polly) after Mary Corbett. CHESNUT, Polly (I2204)
243 Birth Certificate for Karen Jean McLean Providence Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas Certificate issued 10 Jan 1949 Source (S238)
244 Birth Certificate of Andrea Nicole Wolfe Clark County Health Department Birth Certificate of Andrea Nicole Wolfe Source (S248)
245 Birth Certificate of Anna Jane Williams State Registrar of Vital Statistics, State of Missouri Birth Certificate of Anna Jane Williams Source (S233)
246 Birth Certificate of Brandon Joseph Wolfe Clark County Health District Birth Certificate of Brandon Joseph Wolfe Source (S249)
247 Birth Certificate of Jack Dale Caswell Michigan Department of Health Birth Certificate of Jack Dale Caswell Source (S244)
248 Birth Certificate of Jack Monroe McLean State Registrar of Vital Statistics Birth Certificate of Jack Monroe McLean Source (S232)
249 Birth Certificate of Joseph Donald McLean State of Missouri, Bureau of Vital Statistics Birth Certificate of Joseph Donald McLean Source (S227)
250 Birth Certificate of Kelly Ann McLean State Board of Health, Division of Vital Statistics, State of Kansas Birth Certificate of Kelly Ann McLean Source (S237)

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