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1 (Judy Gray 2/12/2000) Julia and Joseph did not have any children, although they doted on their nephew Tom Grabowski, son of Julia's sister Elizabeth.
Her (Helen Kobuse) older sisters were allowed to continue in school and I know that Julia entered a convent and almost became a Catholic nun. We could never get her to talk about why she withdraw from the convent, but she evidently did wiw before taking her vows. And she got married too.
Kobus, Julia Leona (I254)
2 (Judy Gray 2/12/2000) Madara section of Ondich group Ondich, John Sr. (I277)
3 (Judy Gray 2/12/2000) Mom (Helen) says that she was allowed to go to school until she was in 7th grade, then I guess at the end of 7th grade, she was withdrawn from school so she could keep house for her father. Kobus, Helen Agnes (I275)
4 (Judy Gray 2/12/2000) Stanley and Anna had two more children, but neither lived into adulthood. There was a young female named Gertrude who lived to about 1 yr. of age. and another female, maybe called Ann, who died shortly after birth... abouut 6 months of age. These details are hazy. When my mother and her sisters were talking about it, they weren't really sure of all the details. Evidently both the baby and the young child Gertrude died about the same time that their mother Anna died. My mother (Helen Kobuse) was only 3 or 4 years old at the time. Kobus, Gertrude (I295)
5 (Judy Gray) John lived alone after Betty died, and one day when Tom when to check on him, he found his father on the floor dead, having obviously died several days before. Betty and her sister Julia had been real close, but John and Julia's husband Dewey were not friendly at
all with each other. 
Grabowski, John (I199)
6 (Judy Gray) Matt's (the sone of Matthew Sr) father's name was Matthew and his mother was Suzana Gunja (however, he told me that he switched passports with another person when he immigrated to the States and his real last name was something other than Radmanich, but since he came into the States as Radmanich, he kept that last name!) Radmanich, Matthew (I221)
7 (Judy Gray) My Aunt Vicky Kobus said Mary was 1/2 sister of Barbina Baron Smitak, Mary (I135)
8 (Matrimony Regestrer in Latin and written within " ")Ego infrascriptus "???"issis "????" nuntiationibus et mutuo contrahentium consensu habito, per verba de proeseniti matrimonio canjunxi "Sauislaiiu Barona. 28 hr. "e loco "Brody-Hanouise-Gal" Fimium "Huacynthi of Mazianaed.d. Hroblentha" et "Balsorinaui Smgach c. 23 sm." ex loco" Brxcrinki-Osz?i'scin-Galig?? "Filiam" Joscphi at Srmae I.L. Nagus" Proesentibus testibus "Joscpahus MastaB x Thomas Rozouski
Rev. Latiolaus Lsey"

Die Mensis

Nomen Familise

Family F004
9 (Ondich, Judy Gray) Sophie (b.16 March 1898; d.20 March 1980). Lived in Braddock; Canada and Gary, IN. Her second husband was Charles Konderla (I think they were married 9 April 1913) and they had a hardware store in Gary, IN. Sopie and Charles did not have any children. Sophie's first husband was Albert Blazej (b.1891;d.1947). She married him 9 April 1913, and they had a total of 9 children: Kobus, Sohpie (I145)
10 (Raymond Baron 4/10/2001) In a phone interview Raymond told me that His Dad had went to Poland in June 1971, staying a month. He had sent a letter telling the family in Poland that he would be coming a month prior to his leaving. When he arrived in Poland he found that the letter had just arrived the same day, a real surprise to the Pole's. They thought that he had come to reclaim lands that Balbina and Stanley Sr. had purchased in 1930. They had sent $20,000 (reported as $7,000 by Vicky Baron) to purchase land for the families' return to Poland (which they never did). Some of the lands were on the site of Osswanzey (spelling ?) concentration camps. The family took Stanley around the area and showed him the property. According to Raymond in 1971 there were 30 Barons and one of Balbinas sisters was still alive.

(Gail Potensky) Ken, Raymond told everyone that Uncle Stanley started to get bad when Uncle Lou died, and didnt want to leave the house, or do anything anymore. But they said when he was in the home, he went down hill after his birthday April 12. He didnt eat, take his medication, and told Raymond he didnt want to live anymore.
He died Friday night, was laid out all day Sunday, and was buried today in Union Cemetary, in New Kensington, Pa. I will scan the paper obituary to you. Henry Baron, and his family drove down from Michigan, Rich was working in Calf. and didme, but his wife was there. Uncle Toney, Helen, Traci & her husband, Aunt Rose, Bernie & wife, Gerry & husband, Stan Pascek, Maryann

(Obit Valley news)
Stanley H. Baron,
West Deer
Stanley H. Baron, 88, of West Deer died Friday (June 1, 2001) in Sugar Creek Rest Home, Washington.
He was born April 12, 1913, in the Russellton section of West Deer.
A self-employed excavator, he founded the S&R Baron Co. in 1940 and retired in 1985.
Mr. Baron was a member of Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church, Russellton.
Surviving are a son, Stanley Raymond Baron of West Deer; a brother, Anthony Baron of Jefferson Center; and a sister, Rose Mary Grzybek of Curtisville., West Deer.
He was proceeded in death by his wife, Casimiera "Jenny" F. Kengor Baron; his parents, Stanley and Balbina Sminetk; two brothers, Joseph and Louis J. Baron: and four sisters, Cecelia Pascek, Antoinette Grzybek, Anna Potensky and Victoria Le.
Friends are being received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today in the ADAM SIEMIANOWSKI FUNERAL HOME, Starr Road, Russellton, West Deer, where a blessing service will be at 10 a.m. Monday, Officiating will be the Rev. Robert Habe, pastor of Tiguration Church. Burial will be in Union Cemetery, Arnold. 
Baron, Stanley Hycinth (I042)
11 (source (
Antonia, Antonina (Antoinette, Antonina) -- February 28, May 4, June 12

(Sherry Laczek 4/2002) My mother tells me that my grandfather, Anthony-Antoni, would call my grandmother, "the little Russian," so they believed there was some Russian connection. 
Baron, Antonnette (I024)
12 (Valley News Obit date 11/28/1997)
Louis J. Baron, 80, of Russellton, West Deer, died Thursday (Nov. 27, 1997) in is home.
Born Aug. 10, 1917, in Superior area of Russellton, he lived in the area all of his life.
A veteran, he was a private in the Army during World War II.
Mr. Baron was a crane-man at Ingalls Iron Works in Verona for 23 years before his retirement in 1979.
He was a member of Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church, where he was an usher, and the Polish National Alliance, both in Russellton, and United Steel Workers Union in Verona.
He enjoyed farming.
Survivors include his wife of 51 years, Milderd M. Danik Baron; two bothers, Stanley J. Baron of Russellton and Anthony Baron of Jefferson Center; and two sisters, Victoria Lewetag of Salem Ore. And Rose Grezybek of Curtisville, West Deer.
He is proceeded in death by his parents, Stanley and Balbina Sminetk Baron; a brother Joseph Baron; and three sisters, Cecelia Pascek, Antonette Grezbek and Anna Potensky.
Friends will be received from 7 to 9 tonight in the SIWICKI-YANICKO FUNERAL HOME, McKrell Road, Russellton, Christian Funeral Mass will be at 10:15 a.m. Saturday in Transfiguration Church, Burial will be in Our Lady of Hope Cemetery, Frazer 
Baron, Louis Joseph (I053)
13 (Victoria Baron Lewetag) Mom (Balbina Smetek) loved to visit was only time she could get a hot bath
(Rose Baron Grezbek 12/24/2001) This was Mom's (Balbina Smetek) cousin. (this would make Julia a daughter of Balbina's Sister or Brother [KEL 12/24/2001])
(SSA) RUDZKI, JULIA 171-38-8998 PA 10 Dec 1886 Oct 1974 PA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15223 
Smetek, Julia ? (I080)
14 Database: Intelligencer-Journal (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Obituaries, 1990-2000
Combined Matches: 3

Headline: Walter Potensky, 54, Ephrata resident
Publication Date: September 23, 1992
Source: Lancaster New Era Lancaster, PA
Page: D-9
Subjects: SUICIDE
Region: Pennsylvania
Obituary: Walter J. Potensky, 54, of 161 Partridge Drive, Ephrata, was found dead Monday at his former home, 23 N. Hershey Ave., Leola, which had not been sold.
An autopsy determined the cause of death to be carbon monoxide poisoning, said Lancaster County Coroner Dr. Barry Walp. The death was ruled a suicide.
Potensky was the husband of Linda Tarr Potensky.
Born in Superior, he was a son of the late Luke Walter and Anna Baron Potensky.
He worked in the plant engineering department at Bongrain USA in New Holland, formerly Fleur de Lait Foods.
He served in the U.S. Army in the early 1960s.
Potensky was a Mason in the Ephrata Blue Lodge, the Lancaster Lodge of Perfection and the Reading Consistory.
Surviving besides his wife are three daughters: Dana, wife of Bruce Winterhalter, Pittsburgh; Lona, wife of Joseph Shields, Willow Grove; and Lisa, wife of Barry Nolt, Ephrata; a son, Leonard, address unknown; a grandson; and two brothers, Stanley of Russellton and Carl of South Brunswick, N.J.
Potensky, Walter Jr. (I033)
15 From a new clipping, newspaper unknown but, assume Valley Daily News

18-Month-Old Tot Downs In Evans City Farm Pond
Eighteen - month - old Thomas Baron, son of a native West Deer Township man, drowned yesterday afternoon at 3 in an emergency water pond on the farm of his father near Evans City.
His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baron, moved to the 144-acre farm some years ago from Superior. The boy's grandmother, Mrs. Balbina Baron, still lives in Superior as do Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Baron his uncle and aunt.
It is reported the little boy wondered away from the family group and fell face downward into the pond.
Raymond Baron, 9, of Superior, a cousin, visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Baron, at the farm, noticed the child tumbler into the water and called to the boy's brother, Henry, 11, for help.
Henry jumped into the pool and removed the body of his brother minutes after he went under the water. Artificial respiration was given for two hours but it failed to revive the youngster. A physician called to the scene pronounced the boy dead
Mr. Brown was a former coal miner in West Deer before moving to the farm.
The mother of the drowned boy is the former Lillian Podlesny of Curtisville. 
Baron, Tommy (I048)
16 From Gail Potensky - He is was the First born , and his parents left him with his Grandmother in Barwatol Dollny, Poland. The father came to the USA. than his Mother;; when the father arrived thru customs they print his name Potensky, instead of the real last name Paczynski. This is why it is now Potensky.
Walter couldnt come when the parents had the money, because it was the start of World War l; and he went to war for Polland. He came to the USA. when he was 21 yrs old. On the White Star ship in 1928.
When he arrived in Belfry, Ky., his parents already had Stella, Ella, Mattie, & Louise---- Henry, Alex,& Dennis. He worked the coal mines there; up until he married Anna.
(Gail Albert Potenski 4/26/2001) Ken, Stush found what I wanted; all of his Dad's papers and his passport:
His 2 passports have most of the spelling Lukass Paczynski, but the one has 2 different ones Paczynski & Pacsynski. His Citizenship certificate has Luke Walter Pacsynski. He became citizen Feb. 19, 1940. He came over on the White Star Lineril 8, 1928. He was born and came from Barwald dolny Wadowice Polland, Oct. 16, 1907. 
Paczynski, Lukass (I031)
17 From Gail Potensky ------ I was told that his Father was German/ thats were the Baron name comes from. Baron, Huacynki (I083)
18 From Stanly Pascek 12/1999. Was 16 - 17 came to US. As a youth lived on farm. Pascek, Stanley (I012)
19 Gail Albert - My Grandparents on both sides where born at that time it was called Syria; but the part they came from ended up to be called Lebanon, taken over by the French, instead of British like Syria & Egypt. When he got here in the USA, he lost it and used the name Michael Albert. So, we always used that name; but his brother who came to the US kept Monsouir. Albert, Michael (I132)
20 He left Poland to work in the coal fields in KY a few years later he was to send money to bring Wather his son and wife . But only enough money to bring wife was availble.

John left Water and wife when walter was about 2.

Walter was 21before he could come to USA. 
Paczynski, John (I309)
21 Indexed records. Source (S1708)
22 Passenger's Name: Margaretha Kobus
Age: 55
Gender: Female
Occupation: Matron
Last Residence: Germany
Date of Arrival: Feb. 20, 1888
Final Destination: Pennsylvania
Ship's Name: Servia
Manifest ID Number: 40325
Port of Embarkation: Liverpool & Queenstown

(Ken Lewetag) Seeing that Margaretha and Stanislaw came over on the same ship and date and the age we assume that she is Stanislaw's Mother 
?, Margaretha (I138)
23 Passenger's Name: Stanislaw Kobus
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Laborer
Last Residence: Germany
Date of Arrival: Feb. 20, 1888
Final Destination: Pennsylvania
Ship's Name: Servia
Manifest ID Number: 40325
Port of Embarkation: Liverpool & Queenstown

(Judith Ann Ondich) As for info on Poland - I have nothing. My Mom has been very vague about where her dad was born. She just said he was born in Poland and moved to Germany and then immigrated to the U.S. As for her mother, she remembers even less. 
Kobus, Stanislaw (I136)
24 Sent $7000 back to Poland in anticipation of moving back but never did

Kalwaria, Bielsko

(Carl Potensky) - My grandfather Stanley Baron actually died of complications from a mining accident. He was shocked by suspended electric lines and I believe he then died from a blood clot. Your mother (Vickey) may know the details.

(Rose Baron Grezbek) - (when asked why the 1910 Census had Stanly as coming from Austria instead of Germany which had been reported before she said) "... oh that is right he did come from Austria". (When asked about it saying thath both his parents coming from Austria but it looking like Father spoke German and Mother Polish as native langauge) "...when we went to Binky's, the one that owned the car lot, to get seed pototes they would talk in German so my father was very fluent in German" (Did your father speak in Polish to your Mom) "...yes he also spoke Polish, and I remeber them talking about his parents coming from Poland and Germany"

Source (
Stanislaw (Stanislaus, Stanley) -- Stanislaus, Bishop of Krak 
Baron, Sr. Stanislaw (I009)
25 Source (
Cecylia (Cecelia) -- November 22 
Baron, Ceceila (I011)
26 Source(
Anna (Anna) -- mother of Mary July 26
Valley News Dispatch
Wednesday, June 27, 1979
Anna Potensky, West Deer
Anna Baron Potensky, 67, of Little Deer Creek Road, Superior, West Deer Township, died yesterday (June 26, 1979) at 2:30 p.m. in Bel Air Nursing Home. She had suffered a massive stroke, was hospitalized at Citizens General Hospital Marchnd transferred to the nursing home on May 29
She was born July II, 1911, on the old Baron farm in Superior, to Stanley and Balbina Smentek Baron.
Mrs. Potensky lived in her home on Little Deer Road since 1936.
She was a member of Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church, Russellton, and the church's "Rosary Society, group one.
Surviving are her husband, Walter L. Potensky. Sr.: three sons: Walter L. Jr. of Leola, Pa., Stanley A. of Russellton and Carl A. of Freehold, N.J.: five grandchildren: three sisters, Mrs. Anthony (Antonnette) Grzybek of Superior, Mrs. Via Lewetag of Salem Ore., and Mrs, Joseph (Rose) Grzybek of Saxonburg Blvd., West Deer Township; and four brothers, Stanley of Superior, Joseph of Evans City, Anthony of Jefferson Center and Louis.
A sister, Cecelia Pascek, died in 1935
Friends are being received at the J.R. Siwicki Funeral Home, Mcrell Road, Russellton, today from 7 to 9 p.m. and tomorrow from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated Friday at 10 a.m. in Transfiguration Church, Rlton. Burial will be in Transfiguration Roman Catholic Cemetery, Superior 
Baron, Anna Catherine (I030)
27 Source(
Bibiana (Bibiana, Viviana) -- December 2

(News paper VDN, date unlnown but in 1961)
Voices Span Alantic
Phone Unites Sisters Separated 58 years
Sisters who have not seen each other for 58 years- talked together via trans-Atlantic phone this morning.
The phone call, which dramatically reunited the sisters, Mrs. Balbina Baron of Superior and her sister, Katherine, in Brzezinka, Poland, was a Christmas gift of Mrs. Baron's eight children and 22 grandchildren.
Despite the terrific storms which have swept through Poland this week, the West Deer Township woman and her sister had an unusually clear connection.
The call came at 7:15 a.m. Although members of both families had been alerted, for the sisters it was a suprise.
Mrs. Baron left as a young girl the little village near Warsaw where she was born. All the intervening years she has lived in Superior. Here she met and married Stanley Baron and here they reared afamily of eight on a small farm. Mr. Baron died 25 years ago.
She and her sister are the last of their large family and for the more than half a century they have kept in contact with each other with occasional letters.
Only recently Mrs. Baron remarked that she would like to talk to her sister - and the family immediately thought this would be a wonderful Christmas gift.
So Christmas, which came today for Mrs. Baron and her sister, will remain in their thoughts for many Christmases to come.
Notes added to this paper clipping
Cost $16.00
"Vickie Did It"
"(BS)" after" 
Smentek, Balbina (I010)
28 Stanislaw (Stanley) Baron her father made moonshine for the wedding Family F007
29 This sister of Balbina married and a call was placed to her by Victoria (Baron) Lewetag before Balbina's death Smentek, Anne (I118)