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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

PA (11)
USA (7)
PA USA (3)
Etna Pa. (2)
OH (2)
KY (2)
Allegheny County PA (2)
Poland (2)
Pa. (2)
LaPine Oregon USA
Brody Near Danube river Poland (1)
Curtsville PA USA
Chicgo area
PA Westmorland Couny (1)
Yocon Pa
West Virginia
Butler PA
Pa on top of Ceceila (1)
Austria/Hungury (1)
Transfiguration Catholic Cementry
Near Dazing Poland (1)
Transfiguration Catholic
Ca (1)
Poland Same town as John Paul 5 (1)
Superior PA USA
Austria (Polish)
Superior PA 15076 USA
Austria (Germany)
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