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....nie chlubimy się zacnością naszych przodków,
a pamiętamy i przypominamy,
aby szlachectwo nasze nie złotrzyło się,
bowiem jest wyzwaniem a nie godnością...

Хто не шанує і не цінує власного минулого,
той не гідний поваги сучасності,
та не має права на майбутнє...
20 лютого 1920 Маршал Юзеф Пілсудскі

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Пока собрали данные o 71 людей и 20 семей.

The history of human sin began with an innocent question serpent to Eve: "Why?", "Is it true?"
Likewise, the adventure begins with the genealogy and also carries with itself serious consequences. Man failed to break free from sin. Likewise, not many were able to escape their genealogical addiction.
First comes the question: Why is this man called as we are but is not our family? The second stage is another question: Why didn't we know that this man, is indeed our family?
More questions arrive, answers missing. We begin to look for ourselves and we can never learn enough to satisfy our curiosity.

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