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Maidstone, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bankes, Elizabeth  1607Maidstone, Kent, England I841 Tuszynski 
2 Bankes, Katherine  1603Maidstone, Kent, England I521488 Tuszynski 
3 Bankes, Katherine  1603Maidstone, Kent, England I845 Tuszynski 
4 Banks, Priscilla  1613Maidstone, Kent, England I844 Tuszynski 
5 Banks (Bankes), John  1599Maidstone, Kent, England I521490 Tuszynski 
6 Betenham, Thomasine Fisher Thomasin  1510Maidstone, Kent, England I509400 Tuszynski 
7 Bettenham, Thomasin  1510Maidstone, Kent, England I521227 Tuszynski 
8 Clarbin, Leticia  1416Maidstone, Kent, England I520 Tuszynski 
9 Dering, Benetta  Abt 9 Apr 1568Maidstone, Kent, England I521399 Tuszynski 
10 Fisher, Alexander (Alexander John Fisher)  1530Maidstone, Kent, England I521228 Tuszynski 
11 Fisher, Elizabeth  1568Maidstone, Kent, England I9440 Tuszynski 
12 Fisher, Elizabeth  1607Maidstone, Kent, England I524582 Tuszynski 
13 Fisher, John  1516Maidstone, Kent, England I519798 Tuszynski 
14 Fisher, John  1516Maidstone, Kent, England I509399 Tuszynski 
15 Fisher, John  15 Mar 1563Maidstone, Kent, England I5817 Tuszynski 
16 Fisher, John  15 Mar 1563Maidstone, Kent, England I278 Tuszynski 
17 Fisher, John  1603Maidstone, Kent, England I521400 Tuszynski 
18 Fisher, Katherine  1568Maidstone, Kent, England I509409 Tuszynski 
19 Fisher, Laetitia  1416Maidstone, Kent, England I509846 Tuszynski 
20 Fisher, Margaret  1434Maidstone, Kent, England I509848 Tuszynski 
21 Fisher, Margaret  1434Maidstone, Kent, England I513463 Tuszynski 
22 Fisher, Mary  1577Maidstone, Kent, England I5818 Tuszynski 
23 Fisher, Mary  1577Maidstone, Kent, England I509410 Tuszynski 
24 Fisher, Peter  1555Maidstone, Kent, England I521234 Tuszynski 
25 Fisher, Peter  1555Maidstone, Kent, England I509405 Tuszynski 
26 Fisher, Thomasine  Abt 1554Maidstone, Kent, England I521233 Tuszynski 
27 Fisher, William  1438Maidstone, Kent, England I301 Tuszynski 
28 Fryer 'III', John  1450Maidstone, Kent, England I509515 Tuszynski 
29 Grigsby, John  8 Aug 1624Maidstone, Kent, England I5802 Tuszynski 
30 Grigsby, Mary  10 Sep 1626Maidstone, Kent, England I5804 Tuszynski 
31 Ireland, Margaret  1434Maidstone, Kent, England I509847 Tuszynski 
32 Ireland, Margaret  1434Maidstone, Kent, England I513462 Tuszynski 
33 Lee, Alice  Abt 1441Maidstone, Kent, England I509837 Tuszynski 
34 Lee, Alice  Abt 1441Maidstone, Kent, England I509849 Tuszynski 
35 Lee, Alice  Abt 1441Maidstone, Kent, England I513464 Tuszynski 
36 Lee, Joan  Between 10 Jan 1444 and 9 Jan 1447Maidstone, Kent, England I509850 Tuszynski 
37 Lee, Joan  Between 10 Jan 1444 and 9 Jan 1447Maidstone, Kent, England I509857 Tuszynski 
38 Lee, Joan  Between 10 Jan 1444 and 9 Jan 1447Maidstone, Kent, England I513465 Tuszynski 
39 Lee, Joane  1413Maidstone, Kent, England I519901 Tuszynski 
40 Lee, Joane  1413Maidstone, Kent, England I509832 Tuszynski 
41 Lee, Lettice  Abt 1447Maidstone, Kent, England I509835 Tuszynski 
42 Lee, Lettice  Abt 1447Maidstone, Kent, England I509851 Tuszynski 
43 Lee, Lettice  Abt 1447Maidstone, Kent, England I513466 Tuszynski 
44 Lee, Margaret  Abt 1434Maidstone, Kent, England I519900 Tuszynski 
45 Lee Corbin, Laetitia  1416Maidstone, Kent, England I513461 Tuszynski 
46 Lee Plantagenet, Margaret  Abt 1434Maidstone, Kent, England I509512 Tuszynski 
47 Maplesden, Katherine  1553Maidstone, Kent, England I529477 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Banks, Pricilla  31 Jan 1612Maidstone, Kent, England I5800 Tuszynski 
2 Grigsby, John  8 Aug 1624Maidstone, Kent, England I5802 Tuszynski 
3 Ireland, Margaret  21 Sep 1790Maidstone, Kent, England I528635 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bankes, Elizabeth  1655Maidstone, Kent, England I841 Tuszynski 
2 Bankes, Lydia  Aft 1669Maidstone, Kent, England I521489 Tuszynski 
3 Bankes, Mary  Maidstone, Kent, England I843 Tuszynski 
4 Banks (Bankes), John  22 Jan 1684Maidstone, Kent, England I521490 Tuszynski 
5 Bettenham, Thomasin  1599Maidstone, Kent, England I522607 Tuszynski 
6 Fisher, Mary  1645Maidstone, Kent, England I5818 Tuszynski 
7 Fisher, Mary  1645Maidstone, Kent, England I509410 Tuszynski 
8 Fisher, Walter  1640Maidstone, Kent, England I521232 Tuszynski 
9 Fisher, Walter  1640Maidstone, Kent, England I5813 Tuszynski 
10 Fisher, Walter  1640Maidstone, Kent, England I509403 Tuszynski 
11 Fisher, Sir William Bishop of Rochester  1535Maidstone, Kent, England I282 Tuszynski 
12 Fogge Cotton, Jane  Maidstone, Kent, England I519903 Tuszynski 
13 Lee, Joane  Maidstone, Kent, England I519901 Tuszynski 
14 Lee, Margaret  1483Maidstone, Kent, England I519900 Tuszynski 
15 Maplesden, Peter  1547Maidstone, Kent, England I512729 Tuszynski 
16 Weeks, Elizabeth  Sep 1626Maidstone, Kent, England I530768 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Banks (Bankes), Caleb  26 Oct 1669Maidstone, Kent, England I510674 Tuszynski 
2 Fisher, Mary  14 Oct 1648Maidstone, Kent, England I509410 Tuszynski 
3 Fryer, Elizabeth  1535Maidstone, Kent, England I283 Tuszynski 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bankes, Jr. / Fisher  1597Maidstone, Kent, England F509446 Tuszynski 
2 Fisher / Bettenham  1528Maidstone, Kent, England F518902 Tuszynski 
3 Fisher / Dering  26 Jan 1594Maidstone, Kent, England F518931 Tuszynski 
4 Fisher / Lee Plantagenet  Between 10 Jan 1454 and 8 Jan 1457Maidstone, Kent, England F508530 Tuszynski 
5 Fisher / Maplesden  1559Maidstone, Kent, England F118 Tuszynski 
6 Lee / Lee  Abt 1432Maidstone, Kent, England F120 Tuszynski 

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