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Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gerauld, Molle  8 Jun 1744Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I532059 Tuszynski 
2 How, Thomas  17 Oct 1708Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I536946 Tuszynski 
3 Howe, Joseph  18 Apr 1720Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I536948 Tuszynski 
4 Jerrauld or Gerauld, Dr. James  22 Apr 1740Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I532061 Tuszynski 
5 Perkins Pierce, Lydia  10 Mar 1705Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I507865 Tuszynski 
6 Pierce, Hannah  8 May 1717Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I508099 Tuszynski 
7 Pierce, Ruth  27 Nov 1725Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I507867 Tuszynski 
8 Shepard, Isaac  15 Feb 1723Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I532092 Tuszynski 
9 Shepherd, Susanna  25 Jul 1766Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I535650 Tuszynski 
10 Spalding, Joseph  26 Feb 1746Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I542779 Tuszynski 
11 Spalding, Joseph  26 Feb 1746Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I542958 Tuszynski 
12 Stevens, Anne  15 Jul 1755Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I524844 Tuszynski 
13 Stevens, Judathan  13 Dec 1743Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I524838 Tuszynski 
14 Stevens, Lydia  16 Jun 1746Plainfield Twp, Windham, Conneticut I524840 Tuszynski 

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